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Corporate Immigration

We work with key stakeholders from multinational corporations, universities, research institutions, hospitals, and midsize to small companies in managing and developing their business immigration programs.

The attorneys of Klasko Immigration Law Partners provide business-aligned solutions and a positive employee experience in what is often a complex and stressful process for all parties involved from the sponsoring organization to the hiring manager and foreign national employee. 

Klasko Immigration Law Partners has been providing employment-based immigration services to a wide range of organizations for decades. We work with organizations in nearly every field and industry including automotive, biotech, chemical, communications, education (including universities and research institutions), energy, engineering, entertainment, finance, fintech, healthcare (including hospitals), information technology, insurance, landscaping, manufacturing, media, pharmaceutical transportation, property, retail, and more. 


The firm provides end-to-end U.S. immigration services that include initial case assessment, document gathering, preparation, filing, ongoing maintenance, and compliance. KILP tracks and manages critical case milestones, anticipates deadlines, and provides stakeholders with reports. Guidance is also provided for closed cases to ensure regulatory compliance. Urgent issues are also addressed quickly and appropriately, in fact, client feedback has highlighted KILP attorneys as being extremely responsive, particularly in times of great need. 


KILP provides strategic business guidance including pre-hire case assessment, risk assessment, contingency planning, and impact analysis of job changes or transfers. In addition, KILP assists clients through mergers, acquisitions – often at times of exponential growth – and even de-mergers. In these business cases, KILP attorneys work to ensure foreign nationals employed by the merging or de-merging companies will stay compliant while working for the appropriate entities through complex business changes. 


Our corporate immigration attorneys are adept at developing and managing corporate immigration policies and programs for organizations of every size and industry. Program and policy development needs to consider various business needs while also ensuring compliance with immigration law, thus an experienced business immigration attorney is essential.  


KILP attorneys also provide other related employment-based immigration business services including global immigration, worksite compliance, and litigation. The firm has specialized teams for these services. 

  • Global Immigration provides global mobility services for multinational companies with branches in the U.S. transferring employees overseas 
  • Worksite Compliance provides compliance services for any-sized employers like training and conducting I-9 self-audit, as well as responding to federal agency audits, investigations, and enforcement-related litigation 
  • Business Litigation can be a powerful tool to hold federal agencies accountable for unreasonable delays and unfair adjudication tactics. 


Klasko Immigration’s experienced corporate immigration attorneys develop creative solutions to complex problems and go above and beyond to ensure our clients’ immigration needs are successfully met. The firm has pioneered several cutting-edge solutions that are now industry standards and used by law firms nationwide.

As business immigration lawyers, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, consistently offering several solutions to difficult problems presented by clients. Our client feedback consistently ranks our extreme responsiveness as the most highly valued feature of our service model.

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  • EB-1 Immigration

    The EB-1 team includes attorneys and technical writers who are dedicated to assisting doctors, scientists, artists, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and other highly skilled professionals.
  • Worksite Compliance

    Klasko Immigration Law Partners assists employers with comprehensive worksite compliance solutions including I-9 compliance, audits, discrimination claims, H-1B LCA compliance, and more.
  • Global Immigration

    The global immigration attorney team at Klasko Immigration Law Partners is dedicated to providing high-level client service and custom solutions to corporations with a global workforce.