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Philadelphia, PA 19103
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About Us


Mission and Values

Klasko Immigration Law Partners (KILP) is a law firm dedicated solely to providing industry-leading employment-based, investment-based, and litigation immigration services to its clients. We help our clients achieve their goals by providing high-quality comprehensive immigration legal services.

We aspire to be an extension of our clients by offering seamless immigration advice and representation all over the world. We have earned a reputation for finding creative and comprehensive solutions to difficult immigration problems through cutting-edge and industry-leading strategies.

What do our clients value the most? Our extreme responsiveness and our innovative, practical, and effective immigration strategies.

Firm Culture

KILP has earned a reputation for solving complex problems with creative thinking, finding paths toward our clients’ immigration goals where other lawyers have seen no way forward.

We are a client-centric immigration law firm. We follow a team-based approach for each client to ensure the highest level of responsiveness and speedy preparation of immigration petitions. KILP has a robust and agile staff dedicated exclusively to immigration law, with over 250 years of combined experience between partners and associates alone.

The firm offers a supportive and collegial environment for staff by encouraging a healthy work-life balance, promoting team-building and high morale with multiple staff events and perks throughout the year. The secret to our success in providing the utmost client service lies in the passion that our talented and collaborative staff members bring to their work every day.

The firm has a dedicated committee made up of staff volunteers that focus on addressing and enhancing office morale. The committee organizes at least one monthly event and numerous seasonal events, including two firmwide signature events a year. The committee also allocates a number of events a year to provide staff with the opportunity to give back to the community.


KILP delivers innovative immigration solutions to a wide range of clients. Innovation is a top-down model at the firm, with partners, associates, paralegals, and administrative professionals all contributing to the collective goal of providing effective and agile representation to our clients.

Technological adaptation has been integral to KILP’s success and growth in an ever-shifting professional and legal landscape. These firm systems and operations strengthen the connection needed for a successful and meaningful client-attorney relationship—something for which KILP attorneys are well known. KILP has established a number of data and information-sharing initiatives within the firm to better analyze and project client outcomes and budgets, and to identify ways that we can serve our clients more efficiently.

Through the implementation of a number of workplace innovations, the firm has avoided the typical pitfalls of the adverse work environment often encountered in the legal industry and made the firm what it is today: the only mid-sized law firm to be named one of Philadelphia’s “Best Places to Work” by the Philadelphia Business Journal four years in a row. This positive and innovative culture pervades KILP at every level and extends to its clients. KILP staff remain engaged and extremely invested in their work delivering premium client service.


Klasko Immigration Law Partners recognizes the importance of accountability in an integrated global community. Our clients, staff, and their families share a single planet, and the business practices and decisions we pursue will affect all of our lives and futures. To oversee and manage the process of monitoring the impact of our business practices, the firm has established a committee to ensure that our operations are sustainable and, in turn, to inspire staff members to make a positive impact on their own environment every day.

The committee is focused on refining and improving the environmental impact of the firm in the following ways:

  • Reduce consumption and expand recycling
  • Develop alternatives to business-related travel, including necessary client travel as well as telecommuting options for staff
  • Examine purchasing practices and review third-party vendor business systems
  • Educate staff and provide resources and events to improve their communities and sustainable practices at home

The following sustainable accomplishments have been achieved by the firm to date:

  • Established a printer cartridge recycling process to ensure 100% of the firm’s printer cartridges are recycled
  • Increased the number of purchased paper products and printer cartridges that are sourced from recycled materials and sustainable practices
  • Implemented a composting program to divert qualifying organic waste from the landfill, redirecting it for use in community gardens
  • Streamlined reviewing and filing processes to reduce paper waste
  • Implemented a telecommuting policy for eligible staff members, reducing staff commute time by at least 500 hours a year

Diversity and Inclusion

At KILP, we value staff diversity and understand what a plurality of knowledge, skill, and talent brings to our client service. Our diversity strategy aims to foster awareness and appreciation for what each employee brings to the firm, with the following specific goals:

  • To provide a respectful and open workplace environment that enables employees to contribute to their fullest potential
  • To attract and retain top talent by actively living our commitment to diversity through hiring practices that reflect the community in which we work
  • To maintain relationships with businesses and local organizations that have diversity initiatives of their own
  • To conduct key business and human resources practices with an eye toward inclusivity
  • To educate firm and employees on diversity-related topics through annual training assigned to all lawyers and staff