An Overview of

Klasko’s EB-1 Immigration Law Practice

EB-1 Immigration refers to the employment based first preference immigrant visa category.

An Overview of Klasko’s EB-1 Immigration Law Practice

The EB-1 immigration program is the most desirable option for obtaining permanent residency in the United States among all of the employment-based immigration options. EB-1 immigration refers to the employment-based first preference immigrant visa category, which is reserved for “priority workers,” giving them first preference in the green card acquisition process.

Employment-based immigration does not necessarily mean employer-sponsored; rather, it means that the basis for migration is the individual’s intention to continue to be employed in his or her field. For example, employment-based immigration includes self-petition options for aliens of extraordinary ability (EB-1A) and for advanced degree professionals whose migration is in the national interest, also called the national interest waiver (NIW). There is also a fifth-preference category known as the Immigrant Investor Visa Program (EB-5), through which our EB-5 Immigration lawyers help eligible immigrant investors become lawful permanent residents by making an investment that creates American jobs.

EB-1 immigration requires either extraordinary skills or qualifying managerial experience. There are three subcategories of qualifying priority workers:

Extraordinary Ability (EB-1A)

The extraordinary ability category is one of the fastest methods for obtaining an employment-based visa because there is no requirement for a PERM Labor Certification or an existing job offer from an U.S.-based employer.

Outstanding Professor and Researcher (EB-1B)

This category also does not require the PERM Labor Certification, but applicants must be sponsored by a qualifying U.S. employer offering them permanent employment.

Multinational Executives and Managers (EB-1C)

Applicants in this category are required to have been employed outside of the U.S. in an executive or managerial capacity for one of the preceding three years, in a company related to the company in the U.S. by which they will be employed as an executive or manager.

In addition, individuals at an earlier stage in their career may self-sponsor NIW classification under the EB-2 category based on their prior accomplishments and the benefit of their work to the national interests of the United States. No job offer is required.

Since the category is first preference, wait time is often the shortest of the employment-based categories. This means applicants are not typically required to wait for extended periods of time to receive or apply for their immigrant visa.

Our skilled team of seasoned EB-1 immigration lawyers can help determine the best path of employment-based immigration for you and assist in completing the necessary documentation to get approved for an EB-1 or NIW green card. Contact our team of EB-1 immigration attorneys for more information and to begin the process today.


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Our firm’s EB-1 immigration lawyers work with businesses, institutions, and individuals to explore the options available for immigrating under an employment-based classification, tailoring our approach to every client’s unique circumstances to effectively highlight extraordinary and outstanding talent.  To learn more about our EB-1 Immigration lawyers, please contact us at any time. View Bios »

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The EB-1

Klasko Team

The firm’s EB-1 practice team works with businesses, institutions, and individuals to explore the options available for immigrating under an employment based classification, tailoring our approach to every client’s unique circumstances and highlighting extraordinary and outstanding talent.  View Bios »