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Finding EB-1 Visa Success with an Inconspicuous Clinician


A practicing clinician sought classification as an Outstanding Researcher under the EB-1 program.

While not a traditionally obvious choice for this classification due to his relatively limited record of publication and subsequent citation in the scholarly literature, our veteran EB-1 visa team was able to coordinate testimonial support from field-leading experts emphasizing that our client’s original contributions were of major significance to the field as they had been implemented by many practicing clinicians around the country. Furthermore, we extensively documented the board-certified clinician’s membership in multiple organizations requiring outstanding achievement of its members, his extensive presentation at national and international meetings of the many societies to which he belonged, his considerable service in leading clinical roles critical for the success of the various hospitals at which he had been employed, and his extensive service as a peer reviewer for professional societies and scholarly journals within his clinical niche and as a professional judge of other clinicians in his field. Based on this thorough analysis and presentation, our practicing clinician was successfully approved for classification as an Outstanding Researcher.

About the EB-1 Visa

Individuals that demonstrate extraordinary abilities or qualifying managerial skills in their current field can self-petition through the employment-based immigration category. This is eligible for those who have evidence of outstanding accomplishments in their respective field. This option is an immigrant visa and is a path to a green card. 

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