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Employers, Here Are 10 Things Your Immigration Counsel Should be Doing for You


U.S. immigration law is a complicated legal area that requires the services of exceptional employment-based immigration lawyers. It takes a specific legal skillset and knowledge of your business to provide a high level of employment-based immigration services. When considering bringing on external immigration counsel, or examining your current employment-based immigration services, it’s important to consider the long-term relationship you expect and need out of your immigration services.

Here are 10 things you should expect from your employment-based immigration lawyers.

Your employment-based immigration attorneys should:

  • Know Your Business

Your immigration counsel should understand your business’s mission, policies, and goals, and work tirelessly to build relationships with the people who make up your organization. 

  • Be Familiar with Your Company’s Talent Strategy

Immigration sponsorship is an integral element of your talent strategy and your lawyers should understand why you seek candidates with specific backgrounds, what hiring surges may be on the horizon, plan ahead for key filing deadlines, or other aspects of your hiring processes in order to offer the best legal advice for your unique situation.

  • Go Above and Beyond for You

This may be obvious, but your immigration counsel should do all they can to improve your performance and strive for the best outcomes for you. This includes ensuring proper adherence to procedure, educating you on the subject matter, providing excellent customer service and advice, and anything else necessary to ensure you are a star performer in your company. 

  • Understand Your Industry and Competition

Your immigration lawyer should always be on alert for you and your company’s best interests. Staying on top of the trends in your industry and your competition shows they are invested in your success.

  • Identify and Consult with Key Stakeholders 

The best immigration lawyers are business-savvy and know how to relate to the specific people within your organization who have an interest in the results of their legal work. Stakeholders usually have varying and valuable perspectives, and your immigration counsel should be helping you to obtain their input on key decisions. 

  • Know and Respect Your Communication Preferences and Procedures

Whether you require a weekly email, more frequent phone calls, or monthly update meetings with your immigration lawyer, those preferences should be respected, adhered to, and utilized for the highest efficiency in your busy schedule. 

  • Proactively Handle a Changing Environment

Your world does not stop when a new immigration policy or regulation is announced. You have plenty of other business matters to juggle, and new regulations can really upend things for you. A great immigration lawyer should be able to adapt quickly to changes, identify how they will (or won’t) affect you, clearly and proactively communicate the changes, and continue providing the same high-quality employment-based immigration services throughout any transition period. 

  • Understand Your Budget and Procedures

Getting expenses approved can be difficult at most companies, so your immigration lawyer should be a resource for you to help you plan how much of your budget should be set aside to cover filing fees as well as legal fees. It is essential that your immigration counsel provides timely and accurate expense projections, and delivers performance to that budget.  A great immigration lawyer will be able to forecast what it will cost for the full lifecycle of hiring and sponsoring a foreign national.

  • Deliver Bad News Promptly and Provide Solutions

There is no such thing as a guaranteed approval, especially during these turbulent times. So unexpected bad news can happen, and when it does, it is crucial that your lawyers decipher what happened and advise how to remedy the situation. Your lawyers should work with you and your internal stakeholders to figure out what the best next step should be.

  • Regularly Ask for Your Feedback

As part of delivering exceptional client service, your immigration lawyers should be striving to make your life easier by consistently improving their processes, systems, and teams. They should be proactively asking for your feedback on what more they can do to better meet your evolving needs. 

Working with an employment-based immigration lawyer is a long-term business relationship that should ultimately feel like an extension of your company. It requires a lot of trust and communication to form a partnership that feels as seamless as it should be. With the ten expectations above, you should be receiving the superior employment-based immigration services your company needs.  

The employment-based immigration lawyers at Klasko Immigration Law Partners are ready to help you when you need industry-leading corporate immigration service. Schedule a consultation today.

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