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CLIENT ALERT: Coronavirus Considerations for H and L Status Employees


The coronavirus (COVID-19) has been dominating news stories across the globe. There are still many questions and concerns still unaddressed, but governments, businesses, schools, and communities across the U.S are taking precautions and preventative measures. Many employers are making preparations or recommendations to staff members to work from home, particularly those returning from travel.

How will these work-from-home directives affect H and L status employees that have specific worksite requirements?

In this blog, we address some common questions that are arising when employers are considering their sponsored employees when making these work-from-home directives.

  1. Do I need to submit an amended petition or LCA for an H or L employee to work from home?
  2. How does this affect LCA notice posting rules?
  3. What if I have a nonimmigrant employee facing a max-out, expiration, or denial during this time?
  4. Does the worksite change affect wage obligations?
  5. What other documentation might be needed?

To read the full blog post, click here.

Please consult with your Klasko attorney regarding any questions associated with this client alert.

The material contained in this article does not constitute direct legal advice and is for informational purposes only.  An attorney-client relationship is not presumed or intended by receipt or review of this presentation.  The information provided should never replace informed counsel when specific immigration-related guidance is needed.

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