On Oct 31 2017 by Michele G. Madera

CLIENT ALERT: New USCIS Form for EAD and Social Security Number

Working in the United States requires not just the authorization to work, but also a Social Security Number so that earnings can be tracked for tax purposes.

Unfortunately, after a client receives work authorization, prospective employers will often insist on making the newly work-authorized wait additional weeks to be issued a Social Security Number before offering a position. 

USCIS has issued a new Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, which includes an application for a social security number on the same form. The new form requires that the applicant consent to the disclosure of the information in the application to the Social Security Administration (SSA). The applicant should receive their social security card within two weeks of receiving his/her EAD card, without having to make a separate application at the local Social Security office. This more efficient and secure process is based on a new information-sharing partnership between USCIS and the SSA.

This new process will be helpful to applicants, as it removes the cumbersome process of waiting for the EAD to be approved and then visiting the Social Security Administration office in person to apply for a Social Security number. This streamlined process will make the transition to living and working in the U.S. smoother.

This new process is similar to the current process for new immigrants from abroad. When a person applies for an immigrant visa abroad, the immigrant can request that Social Security Administration be notified automatically when they enter the U.S. and a Social Security card is sent directly to them.

The partnership between these two agencies will prove helpful as people eligible for employment authorization find the process smoother and more efficient.