On Oct 02 2017 by H. Ronald Klasko

Hot Topics Added to Klasko EB-5 Seminar

It appears that our EB-5 seminar may be the biggest ever, as our number of registrants approaches 150. Based on a number of requests, we have added a “Hot Topics” session to the lunch program to focus on two hot issues impacting the present and future viability of the EB-5 program in China.

We originally were not going to focus on the Grenada Citizenship by Investment/E-2 visa alternative for Chinese investors because our program is geared to regional centers, developers and related entities. However, it has become obvious that our regional center and developer clients are very interested in this subject for a number of reasons. First, it provides an option for investors to pursue EB-5 while at the same time spend their quota waiting period in the United States with the ability to work and the ability of children to go to school. This has become part of our clients’ marketing effort for some projects.

Some of our clients are also interested in this option based on being able to provide Chinese investors with investment opportunities that qualify under the E-2 visa category. One example would be a developer building a project that will be seeking tenants. Some of the tenants may well be franchises. Franchises are just one example of a type of business that may be appropriate for a treaty investor visa application.

The second issue that we will discuss during Hot Topics is the possibility of litigation on the issue on whether the existing law should be interpreted to provide for 10,000 investors, rather than the present interpretation of 10,000 investors and family members. There is a good deal of interest among Chinese investors to fund this litigation. With the likelihood of legislation addressing this issue diminishing, litigation may be the only option. We will discuss the viability of this option during the seminar.

We look forward to seeing many of you on October 13.