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Jul 12, 2018 - Jul 13, 2018

Choose Your Path: An Immigration Opportunity Workshop

JW Real Estate Services
361 Newbury St, 5th Fl
Boston, Massachusetts 02115

6:00 – 8:00pm

Ron will be joining JW Real Estate Services at this educational workshop. Ron will cover the different immigrant visa options, investment opportunities, and paths that lead to a green card.

Please extend this invitation to friends and families who would be interested in staying in the U.S. Twenty five free early bird reservations are available, and regular RSVP is available at $5. Food and beverage will be provided. Register for this event here.

For any inquiries regarding the event, please don’t hesitate to email or call 508-615-1207.

JW Real Estate Services LLC. provides buying, selling, rental, and property management services in the greater Boston Area. Our dynamic team is made up of graduates from top business schools who have armed themselves with quality education and professional skills. While most of the agents are bilingual, they have built their experience in foreigner and international student​ real estate investment in the area in addition to assisting our domestic clients to settle in Boston. Service introductions and helpful information are available on our website.

2018.7 Presentation – Options to Remain in U.S. After F-1 Status

  • EB-5 Immigration

    The Klasko EB-5 immigration attorney team is adept at navigating the complex investor visa program. EB-5 is a multi-year process to obtaining a US green card and you need an experienced attorney with you every step of the way.

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