Event Date: Sep 16, 2019

Focus on In-House Counsel: Litigation as a Part of Corporate Immigration Strategy

In 2019, employers are seeing unprecedented delays, denials and lack of consistency in their immigration filings. Motions and administrative appeals are time consuming and often futile. Often, federal court litigation is the quickest and most effective way to obtain an adjudication or reverse a denial. However, most employers are uncertain of the process and chances of success, and worry about the possible adverse impact to the company if they file a mandamus or challenge a denial in federal court. Aimed at in-house counsel and outside lawyers who advise them, this webinar provides practical, real-world advice regarding the costs, logistics, and risks and benefits of incorporating federal litigation as a part of a corporate immigration strategy.


Topics Covered at this Event:

Featured Topics

  • What Kinds of Federal Court Actions Are Available to Expedite Delayed Cases and Challenge Denials?
  • Which Types of Cases Are Successful? What Are the Estimated Timelines?
  • Is It Possible to Get a Temporary Restraining Order to Keep an Employee Employed?
  • Are There Possible Negative Ramifications to the Company in Future Adjudications, Government Contracts or Enforcement?
  • Can the Company Avoid Being a Named Plaintiff?
  • Who Is Responsible for Legal Fees? Are EJEA Fees Available?
  • What Are Other Companies Doing? What Are the Recent Success Stories?

Faculty: Marketa Lindt, AILA President, Chicago, IL H. Ronald Klasko (DL), AILA Past President/Administrative Litigation Task Force Chair, Philadelphia, PADiana C. Bauerle, AILA CSC Liaison Committee Vice Chair, Arlington, VAAndrew J. Desposito, AILA In-House Counsel Interest Group Chair, Ontario, CA Bradley B. Banias, Charleston, SCKellen Powell, Carrollton, TX