Event Date: Dec 02, 2020

2020 AILA/GMS Virtual Annual Global Immigration Forum

Elise will be speaking at the 2020 AILA/GMS Virtual Annual Global Immigration Forum on a panel entitled Lone Voyager: The Effect of the Pandemic-Redesigned Workplace on Global Immigration Practice. 

Just like telemedicine made years of progress over a few months of the pandemic, skilled work now can be performed remotely, and all employers have to embrace the new reality of home offices and empty corporate headquarters. The panel will discuss the crossroads of tax, employment and immigration laws, and will address how countries’ immigration regimes will keep up with the new reality.

  • Delinking of Services and Geography: Working Without Physical Presence
  • Remote Work and Other New Forms of Work
  • Is Labor Market Testing Relevant Anymore with Enhanced Global Trade in Services?
  • Realignment of Employment and Visa Options, Including Digital Nomad and Freelancer Visas

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