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We require new clients to schedule a half-hour consultation with a lawyer to allow us to ask you about all of the facts in your case so that we can give you a complete and correct assessment of your immigration options. If all we do is answer the question that you ask, we might give you information that is true, but not relevant to your particular situation.

If you choose to schedule a consultation by submitting this form, our office will contact you within one business day to arrange the consultation. You can request a consultation with a specific attorney, or we will schedule your consultation with an attorney at our firm who is best able to advise on your situation. If you would like an in-person meeting, you can be scheduled in Philadelphia or New York City with an attorney in that city. If you select a telephone consultation, you will be scheduled for consultation with an attorney best able to advise on your situation, unless you specifically request an attorney from one of those offices. Consultations are up to 30 minutes, though longer consultations for unusually complex cases are available for a separate fee by special arrangement where necessary.

If you wish an in-person or telephonic consultation with our Managing Partner, H. Ronald Klasko, the consultation fee is $500 for up to 30 minutes. The fee for a consultation with one of the other partners is $400, and the fee for a consultation with one of our other lawyers is $300. A description of each of our lawyers is available through the “Our Team” menu on the top of this page.

For currently enrolled full-time students and certain college and university employees, a 15 minute free consultation may be scheduled instead of a regular consultation. Free consultations are subject to scheduling limitations and may not be scheduled to discuss immigration issues arising from criminal arrests or convictions (please schedule a regular consultation for such questions). Free consultations are not available with H. Ronald Klasko, but a reduced fee ($300) 30 minute consultation is available.

If we are retained to handle a matter within two business days of any consultation, the consultation fee will be applied towards the legal fees for the matter we are retained to handle. To get the most out of your consultation, we recommend sending a complete list of the questions you need answered in the box below, and that you review the “frequently asked questions” and other articles available on this site.




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