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KILP's immigration attorneys excel at providing services for employment-based and other client types. KILP attorneys have deep experience partnering with clients on custom immigration solutions.

  • Corporations

    Klasko Immigration Law Partners provides immigration legal services for corporations with sponsored employee populations, assists with high-volume filings, unique cases, policy development, and more.
  • Individuals

    Klasko Immigration Law Partners provides immigration legal services for individuals seeking immigration benefits in employment-based categories, as well as through investment, marriage, or family.
  • Universities, Hospitals, and Research Institutions

    Klasko Immigration Law Partners has a team of immigration attorneys experienced in providing advice to universities, hospitals, healthcare systems, and research institutions and their employees.
  • Regional Centers and Developers

    The Klasko EB-5 immigration attorney team assists regional centers and developers with structuring their projects for the EB-5 visa program.
  • Investors

    Klasko Immigration works with high-net-worth foreign nationals to determine the best immigration option. Our investor visa lawyer team regularly partners with other business and tax professionals.
  • Startups

    Klasko’s immigration attorneys work with startup companies in many industries to set them up for long-term success. The startup immigration attorney team is skilled at meeting your unique needs.