Services For Approved Regional Centers

Services Related to Investors
  • Due diligence screening of investors and responding to investor questions
  • Reviewing investor’s source of funds prepared by investor’s attorney
Services Related to Regional Centers
  • Issues regarding investor questionnaires
  • Dealing with questions from marketing agents
  • Developing systems to monitor “accredited” investors
  • Developing policies on finder’s fees
  • Dealing with escrow issues
  • Staffing issues and training
  • Preparing I-526 template packages
  • Developing systems to track data for prospective investors, I-526 filings, RFEs, approvals, etc.
  • Responding to project-related RFEs on I-526 petitions
  • Assisting in responding to Request for Evidence, Notice of Intent to Deny and notice of Intent to Terminate Regional Centers from USCIS
  • Applications to amend regional center designations
  • Ongoing representations of designated regional centers
Regional Center Compliance Services
  • Developing systems to track condition removal dates and age-out dates for children
  • Developing systems to track I-829 filings, RFEs, approvals, etc.
  • Developing systems to monitor job creation
  • Developing systems to monitor information and documents necessary for preparation of I-829 condition removal petitions
  • Dealing with material change issues
  • Dealing with job delay issues
  • Responding to project-related RFEs on I-829 petitions
  • Assisting with annual reporting, including systems to track requested information
  • Reviewing potential new projects
  • Representation in connection with potential projects to be adopted and overseen by regional center
  • Preparing and filing I-924A for annual regional center compliance
  • Advising on Regional Center Best Practices

Maintaining Compliance with USCIS Requirements

With more and more projects approaching the deadline for filing I-829 petitions, and with USCIS issuing notices of intent to terminate non-compliant regional centers, compliance is fast becoming one of the most important topics in EB-5. Verifying job-creation for each investor requires a team of dedicated legal, business, economics and accounting professionals who understand the complexities of EB-5, and are prepared to chart the course for clients from project proposal, through job-creation, to documentation and eventual permanent residence for the immigrant investors. Our industry-leading EB-5 team includes highly skilled lawyers and professionals who do just that. Our services include setting up procedures and processes for collecting, organizing, and presenting documents related to the flow of investor funds and job creation, with a specific focus on the I-924A annual reporting requirements and preparing for investor I-829 filings.