On Jan 08 2014 by Klasko Immigration

Immigration for Scientists: Multimedia Presentation Available

On October 2, 2013, I presented on the immigration and visa process in a program sponsored by the Science Alliance at the New York Academy of Sciences.  Over 80 foreign scientists attended the event, most residing in the U.S. on a student or work visa.  The presentation provided information regarding the best routes to becoming a permanent resident for early-career researchers.  NYAS has now been kind enough to make streaming audio and PowerPoint of the presentation available at this link: Navigating Immigration and Visa Issues: A Primer for Postdocs and Young Scientists.  The presentation also discussed the challenges faced by post-doctoral fellows and other young scientists when it comes to U.S. immigration law. Not only are employer sponsored petitions often difficult to come by, but the visa backlog means even those with an employer sponsored petition may find themselves waiting for many years. The presentation addressed the specific issues faced by post-docs and young scientists in the immigration context, and discussed both the non-immigrant and green card options available under current law.