Event Date: Sep 05, 2018

H-1B to EB-5: Stay Permanently, Work Anywhere

Ron Klasko and Anu Nair will be speaking at this educational seminar in San Jose, CA hosted by NES Financial.

Indian nationals who want to live and work in the United States have a multitude of coordinated roadblocks when trying to plan a long-term future. With new restrictions on H-1Bs and unprecedentedly long EB-2/3 quota waiting lists, there is one option that is still available to Indians seeking to obtain permanent resident status: EB-5.

This workshop will educate attendees on the requirements, process, and realistic timeline to obtain a green card through the EB-5 program. The speakers will discuss how to avoid the pitfalls of the program and how to identify good EB-5 investments. Speakers will include top-level executives from EB-5 industry-leading companies: NES Financial, Klasko Immigration Law Partners, and CanAm Enterprises.



Topics Covered at this Event:
  • Problems with H-1B and EB-2/3
  • EB-1 and EB-5 as alternative options
  • EB-5: Advantages, requirements, and procedure
  • Direct vs. regional center investments
  • Source of funds
  • Due diligence and choosing the right project
  • EB-5 for developers and investing in your own project

Event Speaker