Event Date: Jul 20 - 23, 2020

AILA Annual Conference on Immigration Law

#BreakTheBacklog: Litigation for Business Immigration Lawyers (Ethics)

USCIS is constantly looking for new reasons to deny cases, whether it be slowing down the pace of adjudications to making up “new and improved” reasons of ineligibility. Going to federal court may be the best response to this. Business practitioners already have the subject matter expertise to successfully litigate these cases; now it’s time to learn the procedures for a federal court action by attending this intermediate panel!
• When and Where to File a Mandamus Complaint
• Can I File Mandamus on a Delayed Consular Visa Application?
• When is Declaratory Judgment the Best Option to Overturn a Denial?
• Rebutting Government Defenses in Mandamus and Declaratory Judgment
• Ethical Considerations, including Dual Representation and Beneficiary as Plaintiff

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