Event Date: Mar 02, 2021

2021 AILA Midwinter Virtual Conference

Partner Bill Stock will be speaking at the 2021 AILA Midwinter Virtual Conference event on a panel entitled Economic Fallout from the Pandemic.

This panel will discuss:

  • Prevailing Wage and Ability-to-Pay Implications for H-1B, PERMs, and I-140 Petitions
  • Managing Permanent Company Changes: Completely Changed Business Plans, Pivots, and Corporate Structural Changes
  • Employee Salary Reductions, Hour Reductions, Benching, Furloughs, and Layoffs: How to Remedy After the Fact
  • Impact of Revenue Reduction on New Office Ls, E Registrations, and Blanket L-1s
  • F-1 Student Issues: Impact of Unemployment and Considerations for Student Entrepreneurs/Founders During Financially Challenging Times

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