On Apr 24 2017 by H. Ronald Klasko

IIUSA Annual Meeting Elections and Speakers

The EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 brought many changes to the EB-5 program. For the latest information, please click here.

Dear Friends:

IIUSA will be holding its Annual EB-5 Regional Economic Development Advocacy Conference from April 26-28, 2017 in Washington, DC. Among other events at this year’s annual advocacy conference, elections will be held for seats on the IIUSA Board of Directors. I am pleased to support and strongly and enthusiastically recommend three of our clients for the IIUSA Board of Directors: Angel Brunner, Adam Greene, and Ginny Fang.

Angel Brunner

I have known and admired Angel Brunner in many capacities. In addition to being a friend and valued client, Angel has been a trusted confidante on many EB-5 industry initiatives. As founding Chair of the IIUSA Public Policy Committee, she was a singular leader in developing IIUSA’s legislative policy-making processes and establishing the IIUSA reputation of trust and credibility. We have worked closely on bringing various EB-5 industry groups together on developing consistent and effective legislative advocacy. Not surprisingly, she was chosen as the EB-5 industry representative to testify at the most recent Congressional hearing.

I have also worked with Angel in developing IIUSA’s comprehensive set of best practices. Angel has been a longstanding advocate for raising the level of EB-5 fiduciary practices. Angel’s regional center, EB5 Capital, is among the handful of the most successful regional center brands in the country. She is in every way an important leader for IIUSA and the EB-5 industry as a whole.

Adam Greene

Adam has served as Vice-Chairman of the IIUSA Public Policy Committee over the past year, and I have personally spoken with Adam about legislation and regulations. His positions are thoughtful and well-considered, and reflect an unselfish consideration of the entire membership of IIUSA, not just the interests of his company.

Adam’s work as President of Live in America over the past 6 years demonstrates a unique ability to build an institutional Regional Center operation even while competing with successful incumbent operators. His 25-year career as a lender for development projects provides a great background to understand issues facing the industry, and his ability to compromise and bring people together will be a great asset to the IIUSA Board.

Ginny Fang

I have had the pleasure of working with Ginny over the past 5 years in her role as CEO of Golden Gate Global, which I believe is one of the most successful and well-run regional centers in the country. Prior to her role at Golden Gate Global, she held senior positions in government and the non-profit sector. Based on her professional background and my experience with her, I know she possesses the necessary practical experience, insight, and political acumen to advocate for us as IIUSA Director. Ginny brings a fresh and uniquely qualified perspective to the Board that will be valuable to our success as we turn a new chapter in the EB-5 industry.

In addition to the elections, the conference will provide a forum for seminars on current, hot EB-5 topics. Two members of the Klasko EB-5 Team will be presenting.

Daniel B. Lundy will be speaking on the subject of EB-5 Litigation. Unfortunately, litigation has become a more significant part of our EB-5 practice than ever before. Unprecedented delays in processing I-526, I-924 and I-829 applications have resulted in more frequent need to file mandamus actions in federal court to get action from USCIS on behalf of our clients’ petitions. We are also being brought in as counsel to investors, regional centers and/or receivers on projects where the project has varied from the original business plan, USCIS has denied (or indicated an intent to deny) a petition or there has been a failed project or fraudulent activity. Our most famous representation in this area has been our representation of the receiver in Jay Peak, in which capacity we are doing everything possible to protect the interests of all investors.

In addition to Dan, Jessica DeNisi will be presenting on the topic of Regional Center Audits. Jessica, a lawyer on our Klasko Compliance Team, will be discussing the roll out of the new USCIS program to audit regional centers, as well as how developers should prepare for, and what developers should expect during, project site visits. She will explain the services of Klasko Compliance, which many clients are already utilizing, including how Klasko Compliance enables regional centers and developers to be in full compliance with audits and site visits and to be prepared well in advance of when the government comes knocking.

We hope to see you there!

Very truly yours,

H. Ronald Klasko