An Equine Experts Brings His Practice Stateside

A client developed a proven yet simple and methodical massage technique to relax horses after races, as well as speedily reduce the pain spiral after a workout. Even though this was a new development in the field of veterinary medicine, many equine experts felt that his massage technique was complementary to medicines available to the horse today.

Unfortunately, there was no medical explanation as to how the massage technique worked, although it clearly had a profound effect on horses. We worked closely with the applicant to prove that he had been invited by equine experts around the world to demonstrate his new technique. We were able to show letters and emails inviting the client to present the techniques to national and international equine organizations, veterinarians, riding schools, stables, and horse trainers in countries such as the United States, Norway, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, Slovakia, Zimbabwe, and the Czech Republic. This also showed that his equine technique was embraced by professional organizations around the world. We submitted further evidence that showed his technique was chronicled in numerous journals and newspapers in the United States and abroad, as well as evidence that he held important and founding roles in several equine organizations. The applicant’s extraordinary ability petition was approved, and he was able to move to the United States where he currently works on horses using his revolutionary technique.