On Mar 31 2010

USCIS Retracts E-Verify Federal Contractor FAQs

Last week, USCIS issued a “Frequently Asked Questions” document to help federal contractors with the E-Verify process.

The FAQ answered questions that arose from the E-Verify webinar sponsored by Department of Homeland Security in September 2009.  The FAQ clarified setting up E-Verify accounts, employer’s responsibilities under the system, employee’s rights under the system, and the record keeping requirements for E-Verify, amongst a host of other specific questions.

On March 25, 2010, however, USCIS retracted the FAQ for federal contractors that were distributed on March 17, 2010 to webinar participants.  According to USCIS, the FAQs were sent in error and that updated FAQs will be posted to the E-Verify website after DHS clarifies several points.

Under federal law that became effective June 30, 2009, federal contractors are required to participate in E-Verify.  Failure to comply with the Federal Contractor Rule can result in loss of federal contracts and debarment from future federal contracts.