On Mar 10 2011

USCIS Introduces E-Verify Self-Check

USCIS held a Stakeholders’ engagement call today announcing the creation of a new E-Verify Self-Check feature.

The Self-Check will be a free, internet based application that can be used by any individual over the age of 16 to confirm their employment eligibility in the United States. Employers should not use Self-Check to pre-screen the employment eligibility of new hires. The purpose of the system is for individual use.

The Self-Check system will require that the user enter certain biographical information into the online form which the service will check against various government databases, in order to determine the user’s eligibility to work in the United States. USCIS hopes that employees will use the Self-Check feature to confirm their employment eligibility. In cases where errors exist with regards to an individual’s work eligibility information, the system provides information on how to correct a record with the Social Security Administration or Department of Homeland Security.

Self-Check will begin a phased roll-out in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Mississippi and Virginia on March 21st. Based on feedback, USCIS plans to expand E-Verify Self-Check to other states, and eventually for national use. A preview of the program is available here.