On Mar 26 2009 by William A. Stock

Where’s my PERM?

I was just down in Washington for AILA’s Spring Seminar, where government officials speak about the current state of affairs in their agencies.  The DOL’s representatives released their current “processing time” report for labor certification applications filed through the PERM system, and while the results aren’t pretty, at least we know which cases are outside the Department’s “normal” processing time.

The Department of Labor representatives reported that cases with initial filing dates during July 2008 are currently being worked on, and approved if there is no audit.

For cases in which an audit request was sent (including many where audit requests were mailed in September to November of 2007), cases with initial filing dates in August of 2007 are being worked on.

For cases requesting reconsideration or appeal, initial filing dates of June 2007 are being worked on.

Note that the Department’s report cannot be used to predict when a case filed today will be decided, it can only be used to see where they are in reducing their new backlog.