On Mar 23 2012 by William A. Stock

USCIS Announces Syrians Eligible for Temporary Protected Status

Late today, USCIS posted an announcement on its website that nationals of Syria will be eligible to apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in the near future.  USCIS indicated that Syrians would be designated for an 18-month period of protection, and that details of how and when to apply would be forthcoming in the Federal Register next week.

TPS is a temporary form of permission to remain in the United States for humanitarian reasons.  TPS prevents the removal of nationals of countries undergoing civil strife, natural disasters, and similar country conditions.  It provides work authorization during the period of TPS, but does not provide for any long-term status or permanent residence after the government decides TPS is no longer warranted.

Nationals of Syria eligible for TPS should consult an attorney about the advantages and disadvantages of applying before seeking TPS, particularly if they currently hold a lawful nonimmigrant status.  In addition, Syrian nationals who fear to return to Syria should consult an attorney to discuss other possible forms of relief from removal.