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Welcome! We have customized this section just for universities, hospitals, and research organizations. Follow the quick links to the left to access the information pertinent to you and your organization.

Why Choose Klasko Immigration Law Partners, LLP?

We have been chosen by our clients and our peers in a nationally recognized legal guide as "perhaps the best in the country in the University and medical research sector." We believe this reputation is well deserved, as we have made it our business to learn your business and immerse ourselves in the university and medical worlds. We are NAFSA's first Global Advocate Law Firm Partner, and our attorneys serve on NAFSA committees. In addition, we are active members of NACUA and CUPA-HR. We stay abreast of, and contribute our expertise to, the issues confronting universities, hospitals and research institutions to a greater extent than other immigration law firms. Here are some reasons why our clients have selected us:

What You can Expect from Our Attorneys

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Industry Experience:

We are known nationally for our extensive representation of universities, hospitals and research institutions and their medical and research personnel in obtaining extraordinary ability and national interest waiver immigrant petitions, O-1 nonimmigrant visas, and waivers of the two-year home country residence requirement. The firm has longstanding client relationships with universities of all sizes, from the Ivy League and major research institutions, to liberal arts colleges, state universities, and community colleges. Our clients include for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals, hospitals systems, and biomedical research institutions. We have:

  • Experience with the international office and the General Counsel's office
  • Substantial experience in outstanding researcher/professor and O-1 petitions
  • Substantial experience obtaining research-based waivers through interested government agencies
  • Substantial experience with international medical graduates
  • Invited speakers at ECFMG's Annual Conference
  • Regular speakers at NAFSA regional and national conference

Value Added Services for Universities, Hospitals, and Research Organizations

Included in our legal fees are many added services:

  • Free consultations to students and staff.
  • Annual campus visit, including seminar, training, and individual consultations
  • Unlimited advice and consultation by telephone or email
  • Desk References on I-9s
  • Customized case status reports upon request
  • Client Newsletters
  • Client Seminars
  • Support Materials
  • Web-based case status monitoring system
Efficiency: We work with you to streamline the immigration process; developing organizational systems to facilitate the immigration process and alleviate the burden on legal and human resource departments. We realize that each client has its own needs and preferences. We provide advice on suggested systems, but ultimately we defer to the client's rules and preferences for handling the immigration function.
Partnering: We provide practical, clear suggestions for handling immigration matters, but always discuss with the client the alternatives, possible issues and business risks involved. We view our work as a team effort with the client, and seek to ensure that the client agrees with and understands our strategy decisions.
References: The best source of information on the quality of our service is our clients. Most of our clients chose us after being represented by other firms. They are our best source of references as to how we do things differently--and better. Please ask us for client references.
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